MASSAGE WORKSHOP – Side-Lying Techniques

Side-Lying Techniques – Therapeutic massage techniques in lateral position

Massage is traditionally given in the supine (face up) and prone (face down) positions. These positions are very efficient for working with most people and also have the advantage of allowing us to work bilaterally. However, there are many occasions when these positions are not ideal for some people.

It is for this reason that we propose a training in therapeutic massage in lateral decubitus position, which has as purpose that those who take this training feel comfort and safety offering a session with massage techniques in this position reaching all regions of the body with ease.

Those who are trained in this course will also notice how easy this way of working is and how new possibilities open up to attend to people for whom, due to their condition, traditional positions are not ideal.

This course is for Students or professionals in Physical Therapy and Certified and experienced massage therapists, as well as for Yoga and Pilates instructors.

-Heriberto Gonzales. Myofascial Therapist, specialist in Myofascial Stretching – Director of ICATEMA – Manual Therapy Training Institute.

-Ana Sanchez. Licensed in Physical Therapy, specialist in Urogynecology and Obstetrics, Intelligent Movement Teacher.



~Certificate in the name of ICATEMA.
~Color digital material with photographs and description of the techniques.

To reserve your space, just deposit ₡25,000 in our bank account. The remaining amount can be paid on the day of the course.
ICATEMA – Manual Therapy Training Institute Ltd.

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National Bank (Colones)
Account: 200-01-147-014359-9
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Current Account: 935854737
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Jul 16 2022


9:30 am - 5:00 pm

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